a buttress which juts into the stream, a jarr exuded over five litres of serum, a level expanse of mud, very greedy, very myopic, stupenduous wedge, a plaited fringe to hang down their eyes like a curtain, a cauldron of whirling mists cancelling out all the excrescenses of the equation, cloistered seclusion of the galleried pines, sedentary stupor, to propitiate psychology, persisted placidly, climbed conscientiously, sound of revelry (in the phantom city) abject ignorance, ostensible object, mendaciously diagnosed, principle of Probity, no canopy but the skie, my spirit silently acquiescing in the arcane arbitrament of the mysterious daimon who drove me darkly onward, I had invested her with all the insignia that my imagination could invent. Satiety, disillusionment and death, the nakedness of their idleness... their nominal adhesion delays the disruption of the infamous system which they condone.